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Meditation courses and workshops at The Home of Awareness

The Home of Awareness – Taina Koskimäki

My journey of spiritual growth, both in Finland and abroad, has been a long one and it has led me to learn and experience different types of meditation methods for working with my emotions

I have worked in the care industry for over 30 years, and people’s mental and physical well-being has always been close to my heart. In addition to health care education, I have studied alternative therapies such as:

  • Rebalancing body therapy
  • Peter Hess sound massage and sound bath
  • Sahasi Breast Care
  • Chi Nei Tsang – abdominal massage

My purpose is to support my clients as a physical, mental and spiritual entity. During my treatments, you get the experience of being seen and heard, as well as deep relaxation and being able to find stillness in the middle of the hustle and bustle of life.

About me

My name is Taina Koskimäki.

In 1990, I graduated as an ambulance driver, and ended up working for the Jorvi Hospital emergency room in Espoo. I experienced many moving moments in my work and met a lot of people from different walks of life.

Gradually, I became interested in emotional expression and also in my own pent-up feelings. It was the beginning of my decades-long journey into the world of emotions. There was only one person in my childhood home who was allowed to be grumpy, nasty and shout, and it wasn’t me. So I found myself living in the shadows, trying to be invisible and hidden from others.

A lot of work had to be done to explore my own feelings and find out who I really am. In 1993 I participated in a short body therapy workshop in Tampere. We did Dynamic Meditation there in the mornings, and it completely revolutionized my life. That same year, I found myself suddenly unemployed in the midst of a recession, which gave me a chance to get to know the emotional blocks and tensions inside me. I found myself thirsting for the same quality I had experienced in the Tampere body therapy workshop: an honest and genuine encounter with my emotions.

After that I spent many winters at the International Meditation Center in Pune, India, which has a comprehensive and expert therapy-based approach to emotional blocks found in the body. In India, I did various therapy groups combined with active meditations. Difficult emotional burdens were not only experienced on a mental level but were also relieved through various bodily exercises. Dealing with emotions through a variety of powerful breathing techniques as well as body movements and sounds during these meditations was extremely effective for me. Through breath and sound, I got in touch with my own body, muscles and joints, where all my feelings had been stored.

I studied long body therapy training in India. In Finland, I did Rebalancing treatments and helped people in different ways. Often my clients were surprised by what they experienced during their treatment session, for example sometimes strong emotions, or some very old memory, came up.

During the course of my life I have lived in different parts of the world and I have learned a wide range of active meditations. I have also learned other approaches to releasing tensions from the body or the distortions created by mind.


Chi Nei Tsang – abdominal massage

This ancient Chinese treatment is thousands of years old. The purpose of the treatment is to release the tension created in the tissues, cleanse the body of waste products and enhance fluid circulation. The treatment mainly deals with the abdominal area with deep and soft hand movements. The treatment purifies, energizes physically and mentally, balances emotions, brings more space to the body and facilitates breathing.

  • Duration: 1,5 h

  • Price: 90 €

Sound bath and singing bowl treatments

Singing bowl massage

The singing bowl massage is based on the Veda method, which is more than 5,000 years old, and cures through the medium of sound. It is deeply relaxing, gently caring for both body and mind. The singing bowls are placed next to or on the clothed body whereby the cells of the body begin to vibrate with the sound produced by the bowls. Imagine what the surface of the lake would look like if a rock falls into the water. The vibration caused by the movement spreads in the water in the same way as the sound waves spread through the body during treatment. There is a lot of water in our body, so the vibration of the sounds spread very easily.

  • Duration: 1 h

  • Price: 75 €
    For groups 240 € + travelling expenses

Meditation guidance, workshops and courses

Practicing presence and awareness skills makes life easier in many areas. I organize powerful and deep active meditations in Finland. In these meditations, you can use your voice and unleash a variety of feelings, stress, and negative emotions. Meditation provides an opportunity for growth and better self-knowledge. There are active meditations ranging from soft to more intense and most of them are suitable for everyone. Often the human mind is busy with complex things. Active meditation is simple, and it is essential to be aware of body and mind movements. Over time, doing and trying disappear, and this allows the deepest essence of meditation – consciousness- to come to the fore.

Prices vary depending on the duration and content of the course.

Upcoming courses and meditations:

  • Anger workshop
  • Osho kundalini meditation

Bookings from (In finnish only)

Ayurvedic Massage

For women only

Pamper and awaken your feminine energy with this beautiful massage that strengthens and supports your femininity. The breasts and heart form a direct connection to our heart center. The heart is the center of our emotions and consciousness, and the breasts are the area of giving and receiving. Energetically, all our feelings also affect our breasts. Activating and balancing the heart expands awareness and strengthens creativity. Identifying emotions becomes easier and you reach love, compassion, happiness and joy more easily. During the treatment, I work on Marma points that are at the intersections of different tissues in the body. Breast massage is an important part of this treatment.

  • Duration: 1,5 h

  • Price: 105 €

Intuitive massage

Give yourself plenty of time. Allow yourself to just be fully with yourself. You are not required to do anything at all, except for just being in this moment, listening to what is happening in your own body, in your temple. You can rely on the freedom that this moment brings, without trying to achieve something or feel something special. You can surrender to silence and your deepest essence, which is only ever within you. By feeling the touch on your body and appreciating your sensitive being, you will have access to the deep, relaxing meditative state that is always present within you.

  • Duration: 1,5 – 2 h

  • Price: 105 €

Soothing facial massage

The face is an important part of the body. Often tensions and stress build up in the face that you don’t even notice. In this gentle treatment, all you need to do is lie down and relax. In the meantime, I will massage the area of the face, throat and neck with slow gentle movements. After the massage, you will get a moisturizing mask on your face. If you want, while the mask is in effect, I play soothing singing bowls to deepen your relaxation. When your face relaxes, your natural beauty shines through. You may find that the treatment affects greatly how fresh and healthy you look.

  • Duration: 1 h

  • Price: 90 €

Drum treatment

Are you longing for a pleasant moment of relaxation and easiness in everyday life? Do you want more energy and vitality? The deep and steady rhythm of the drum treats both body and mind. Blood circulation and metabolism are quickened, and the heartbeat and mind can calm down. Drum therapy brings balance and calm to the mind and being. The drum treatment also includes gentle energy brushes. Only by trying and experiencing for yourself can you learn to feel the empowering beat of the drum.